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Loci Anima
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Semavip Building, Paris

Two poles toge­ther in an office buil­ding; The two pro­grams form a conti­nuous rib­bon that unfolds and inter­laces to form dif­fe­ren­tia­ted enti­ties while crea­ting a coherent and well-esta­bli­shed archi­tec­tu­ral ensemble.

Program The city Water Services, a hotel and an incubator for startups
Site Porte des lilas, Paris
Floor Area 10 250 m2
Cost of construction 29 230 000 €
Timetable Competition 2013
Project Owner Lazard Group, Semavip

The rib­bon consists of an essen­tially opaque sec­tion for­ming the roofs and the gabled walls whose color evolves gra­dually from black to white to affirm its conti­nuity while dif­fe­ren­tia­ting the parts. Composed of alu­mi­num com­po­site panels, it inte­grates all the equip­ment nee­ded for the pro­duc­tion of pas­sive energy (pho­to­vol­taic, solar panels) and also receives the vege­ta­ted areas neces­sary for the reten­tion of rain­wa­ter. The ver­ti­cal sec­tions of the rib­bon are trea­ted in lar­gely gla­zed cur­tain walls, pro­tec­ted by a woo­den claus­tra skil­fully desi­gned to pro­tect the sun while allo­wing the deploy­ment of deci­duous plan­ta­tions which pro­tect the most expo­sed facades in sum­mer.

Semavip Building, Paris — © Loci Anima
Semavip Building, Paris — © Loci Anima
Semavip Building, Paris — © Loci Anima