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Loci Anima
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Cité Des Sciences Media Library's Restructuration, Paris

« The House »
A new form of domes­ti­city, a woo­den « House » that trans­forms the space and how we live in it. Rehabilitation and trans­for­ma­tion of the media library of the city of sciences and indus­try in Paris.

Program Rehabilitation and transformation of the media library
Floor area 8 760 m² / 94 290 sqft
Owner Universcience
Location 30, avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019, Paris
Architect Caractère special / Loci Anima
Wood Engineer Elioth
Mep Engineers B52 (Fluides)
Acoustic Engineer Marshall Day Acoustics
Fire Safety Vulcaneo
Quality surveys VPEAS
Artist Pierre Malphettes
Graphic Design Patrick Lindsay
Scenography François Tourny
Cost of works (excl. VAT) 7 100 000 € (excl. VAT) / 8 080 000
Date Completion 2021
Images / Photos Grenade

House” that trans­forms and inha­bits the space.
The House” func­tions in com­plete contrast with the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. The lat­ter is mas­sive, metal­lic and has mega load-bea­ring beams, while the for­mer is small and inti­mate. The House” intro­duces ano­ther scale for per­cei­ving spaces. It creates a pola­rity and an iden­tity that is sepa­rate from the library. The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is per­cei­ved as a ter­ri­tory and the House” pro­vides the geo­gra­phy the­reof.
The House”, a space for living
This House”, made enti­rely from wood and which occu­pies the emp­ti­ness of the space, connects the dif­ferent levels of the buil­ding. It’s a space for living and for sha­ring, it’s com­for­table and warm. Users are able to change posi­tions as they see fit. The House” contains all of the library’s resources. Each of its rooms, which range from 10 to 20 sqm, has an inti­mate set­ting and is dis­con­nec­ted from the rea­ding spaces and areas where visi­tors congre­gate.
The House” is sur­roun­ded by modu­lar and adap­table spaces
The other spaces in the library that sur­round the House” and that are used for rea­ding, work­shops, trai­ning, indi­vi­dual or col­lec­tive pro­jects and mee­tings can be trans­for­med in line with requi­re­ments. Modularity and adap­ta­bi­lity lie at the heart of the pro­ject. Furniture that adapts to its pur­pose has also been inclu­ded in the pro­ject. A table need not neces­sa­rily only be used as a table but can turn into sea­ting or a dis­play sur­face. Furniture can be moved from one space to ano­ther. The fur­ni­ture forms an inte­gral part of the aes­the­tics of the House”. A choice was made to create spaces that are not fixed, not defi­ni­tive, but spaces that evolve in a way that is spa­ring, like the set in a stage play.

Cité Des Sciences Media Library's Restructuration, Paris — © Loci Anima
Cité Des Sciences Media Library's Restructuration, Paris — © Loci Anima
Cité Des Sciences Media Library's Restructuration, Paris — © Loci Anima