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JO 2024, finalist project, Saint Denis

A buil­ding that reuses old mari­time contai­ners to build a 126 rooms resi­dence for ath­letes, a res­tau­rant and a gar­den with a health course on the mez­za­nine and magni­ficent views of the Seine.

Program Student residence (126 rooms)
Floor area 36080 sqf
Owner DUVAL, AMETIS Île-de-France et Les Promoteurs du Grand Paris
Place Île-Saint-Denis (93)
Architects MFR Architectes / ITAR architectes / archi5
Structure OTEIS
Façades OTEIS
Economist OTEIS
Landscape Architect Base
Fire Safety Qualiconsult
Certifications Label Biodiversity, E3C1, NF Habitat HQE…
Images YAM Studio

Their stan­dar­di­zed size makes it easy to stack them up seve­ral floors. Along with being modu­lar, they resist water, fire, shock and salt. Fitted out and iso­la­ted, they can thus become a buil­ding like the others.

This seven-story buil­ding pre­sents itself as an evol­ving sys­tem that could be trans-for­med over time and as nee­ded. The contai­ners act as real cells having the abi­lity to plug and unplug. Today they are rooms for ath­letes, yet tomor­row they can evolve into uni­ver­sity resi­dences or offices. The struc­ture is mobile, flexible, and constantly evol­ving. It is the­re­fore an eco­no­mi­cal, prac­ti­cal, cle­ver and recy­clable pro­ject.

Already in the year 2000, the agency had built, from contai­ners and in record time, the base of the French sai­ling team for the America’s Cup in New Zealand. The offices accom­mo­da­ted up to 90 people with a res­tau­rant, a gym, tech­ni­cal rooms, a pano­ra­mic ter­race. The pro­ject recei­ved the New Zealand Innovation Award. A few years later, the contai­ners were reu­sed to build in Valencia, Spain, the wor­king base of a new sai­ling team.

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JO 2024, finalist project, Saint Denis — © Loci Anima
JO 2024, finalist project, Saint Denis — © Loci Anima
JO 2024, finalist project, Saint Denis — © Loci Anima