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Bio-climatic offices, Montpellier

Envisaged as an urban signal, this office buil­ding is cove­red in a bio-cli­ma­tic skin. Specific and inno­va­tive, it manages to dia­log with its context and to respond to the dif­ferent levels within the city: the road, the neigh­bo­rhood, the metro­po­lis.

Programme offices, Stores
Site ZAC Garosud, Montpellier
Floor Area 5 500sqm / 59 201sqft
Cost of construction € 5 000 000 / $ 5 514 000
Timetable Scheduled 2019
Project Owner Groupe Lazard

A volume that is simple, sober but iden­ti­fiable, this new office buil­ding looks over the his­to­ri­cal cen­ter of Montpellier to the north and faces the sea, taking in the sun from the south. Its vast roof ter­race is a plea­sant as it is excep­tio­nal, thanks to its pano­ra­mic view to the south. On the ground level, the shops have access to a wide ter­race which is ideal for res­tau­rants. A bio-cli­ma­tic skin made up of shiny alu­mi­num hori­zon­tal blades is fixed onto the solid sec­tions.

Bio-climatic offices, Montpellier — © Loci Anima
Bio-climatic offices, Montpellier — © Loci Anima